A personal project which has been on- going since 2007.

Through exploring my own feelings and identity in this project. I am creating an imaginative space named “Iblard”, inspired by japanese painter Naohisa Inoue’s painting. An imaginative space which everyone possessed and yet trying to running away from. A space about imagination and possibilities. As we are growing old, not just our bodies, but also our hearts are getting old. I aim to preserve our soul from being aged, at the same time, reminding people of their own childhood. “Iblard” is a sacred land where everyone can become a kid once again, to explore and experience the joy of being part of the world and possibilities are infinite.

This is the first illustration created in 2007, “The City of Blue”. A mobile city which constantly moving from place to place in the land of Iblard.

In April 2008, I created the seond city, “The Tri- coloured city of the sky”. Another landmark in the land of Iblard, cities located on high mountains, which can only be reached by flying, or ones who possess a lighted heart.

One month later, another illustration was drawn illustration the city of Laputa, a flying city. Strongly influenced by Japanese animator and director Hayao Miyazaki, who I admire, his famous animation “Laputa”. It has enriched my imagination of my world and I decided to create my own version of Laputa. Laputa itself can provide citizen with their everyday needs for as long as three years. Every three years, Laputa will land on the ground to resupply its goods, and citizen can then spend a month in Iblard. Laputa can always be reached by aircraft, therefore citizen sometimes chose to stay in Iblard for more than a month as a vacation.

In June, 2009, I drew a new illustration named “Stuck in a moment”. Capturing a scene of a human stepped into the land of Iblard with a troubled heart, who instantly consumed by evil, and rescued by a mechanical laputa.

“Mr Whale and his friend”

Resident in the land of Iblard. They live happily together and maybe this is something we should learn from?

“The ship”

A city built on a ship which sails around the sea of Iblard. Occasionally stops by the harbor for people who would also like to embrace the love of sea.

“The Whale City”

One of the semi- underwater city in Iblard.

Built on the back of a sperm whale, Captain Sparrow, a pirate who seeks peace in the sea of Iblard. The city remains underwater most of the time, but occasionally comes to surface for a little sunshine.

“The Spirit”

A spirit living in Iblard.

Representing both good and evil.

The note pad on its back is used to record what it sees. Good people will be rewarded, while evil will  be eaten.

Part of the on- going project, “Iblard”.

A small town moves around mid- air in Iblard.

Voted as top ten best retirement location in Iblard.

The City of Pineapple.

The main pineapple supplier in Iblard.

Even the town resembles a giant pineapple.

Pineapples are being delivered by dropping them (with parachute)  from the little platform underneath the city.

The Tower of Green acts as a air condition regulator of Iblard.

The city itself is covered with chlorophyll to speed out photosynthesis.

“Global warming” is something they will never encounter.

This is my little sky garden.

A place where I can just lie down and enjoy the sun.

The candy shop always brings me a sense of nostalgia.

The City of Aqua, city of water.

Located in the middle of the sea in Iblard.

Sea Water is constantly being blessed and purified by the giant vase at the peak of the city.

Water in Iblard is said to be able to heal any sort of illness and extend life-span, but it will never promote immortality.

An illustration for the on- going project, “Iblard”

The Spirit of Earth.

One of the earth spirit in the land of Iblard, she is one of the messengers of The Mother Earth.

Her job is give out the blessings of The Mother Earth, harmony between people and the environment.

The House,

Located at the highest point in the city of Iblard.

They might be the closest to heaven,

but their hearts might be the most down to earth.

The Giant windmill.

A town which is constantly blessed by the wind, which is the main energy source of the city.

Build nearby the sea of Iblard.

A town of calmness and peace.

“The Creature”

The Creature is a biomechanical moving city.

The city itself was built as a moving fortress as the creator of the city was a adventurer who travelled around the world.

As she travelled, she made new friends and they gather together, hence the city is constantly under construction to provide more space for everyone.

It’s a city about adventure and courage.

A city where all the brave ones are willing to open their eyes and see the world for themselves.

A city where no one is left behind, everyone is working as a team.

Where everyone is in love with this world

“The Small Laputa”

A small laputa which floats in sky above laputa.

Its residents are nature lovers, hence the laputa is mainly covered with greens.

They believe in the harmony between nature and human.

The more respect we pay for each other, the better future we will achieve.

“The Train”

The Train is one of the largest moving city in Iblard.

Normally it travels around the world of Iblard freely, occasionally it allows residents from other cities to purchase a special ticket to tag along its journey.

It has its own seasonal climate probably is its biggest attraction. Sometimes it travels around in winter while it’s actually summer on the train, therefore it’s another biggest attraction site in Iblard.

“The Shoe”

A small town located in the outskirt of Iblard.

The town was built on a shoe left by the Giants. As it locates quite a distance away from the central of Iblard, its habitants make full use of everything.

A place which is not about owning something new, but make use of everything to their maximum potential.

The Golden Memory:

The House,

Photo from the ancient book: The Golden Memory, Central library of Iblard.

One of the first few houses built in Iblard.

I still remember the day I sat on the roof top with you,

enjoying fresh wind from the sea.

Where are you now?

The Golden Memory:

The Tree House,

Photo from the anicent book: The Golden Memory, Central library of Iblard.

where human used to share our love with the nature. Lived in harmoney.

Looking at the world we are living in,

where has it gone?

The Golden Memory.

The Mushroom house.

Photo from the anicent book: The Golden Memory, Central Library of Iblard.

One of the first few families moved into Iblard.

The good old day when everyone loved each other, there was no conflicts, no anger, no sadness, no war, no jealousy.

Looking at the world we are living in, how ironic.

The Golden Memory.

The Tree of Sky

Photo from the ancient book: The Golden Memory, Central library of Iblard.

They built their houses on the Tree Of Sky,

in hope they will become one with the world by reaching the sky.

Seems so unreal and  ridiculous,

But how many people in world who are willing to chase their dreams, while everyone is laughing at them?

The Hill of Green,

As its name suggested, the entire town is covered with plants, a beautiful town located on the hills of Iblard.

A place where the  stars and moon rest during the day time.

A place of memories left by the stars which had been overlooking Iblard for thousands of years.

The House of Wood.

The Messenger,

an illustration from the ancient book, The Golden Memory, Central Library of Iblard.

A spirit who had been travelling around Iblard since its birth.

A spirit with the face of a young man.

He had been the one bringing news and messages from The Grant Spirit to the inhabitant of Iblard.

He also represents good fortune and freedom.

According to legend of Iblard, he was created by The Grant Spirit the same time as the creation of Iblard.

An immortal/ spirit of his own will, other than being a messenger of The Grant Spirit, he is a spirit of adventure and freedom.

The young tree of Stars.

An illustration from the ancient book, The Golden Memory, Central Library of Iblard.

The Resting Moon

An illustration taken from the ancient book, The Golden Memory, Central library of Iblard.

Showing The Moon resting on a branch of The Tree of Stars.

Skull house


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  1. David B Church says:

    Hey Chris I love your illustrations, they are full of life and adventure as you look and explore them with your eyes.
    Long time since we were at Rossall, but good times my friend. We spent our Art lessons making mess and now were making progress 🙂
    Keep up the good work and keep exploring your mind for ideas it’s endless.

    Your old friend


  2. Marlie says:

    Always feel like things inside are moving…

    I like the hot balloon and ferris wheel..

    not always vivid, but definitely lively!!

  3. Tiffany (ting) says:

    Seriously, your works are awesome!! I love all your floating cities!! They are dreamy and innocent…..

  4. ana says:

    this reminds me so much of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities!
    when i first saw Iblard i immediatly tought it was one of the cities in the book. if you haven’t read it i suggest you do! it may inspire you a lot.

    lovely work 🙂


  5. Portia says:

    Found your work via Okay Great—these are incredible! I would love to purchase a print (or a whole book of prints!) if any are available.

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