“Kärlek” is “Love” in Swedish.

“Kärlek” is a series of both illustrative and photographic illustrations exploring “Love”. I only focused on the love between lovers, rather than friends and family. As people will always find it easier to relate to and since it’s such a abstract topic to explore. It would be interesting to see how I manage to illustrate it in my own way.

This is rather personal investigating of love, as I am looking at the topic in my own point of view. What I am trying to achieve through this project is a better understanding of myself and my identity. I want to create something, which could touch the audience’s heart. This is not a project of showing off how great love is, but a project of rediscovery of myself.

So far, five individual projects were done and they could be viewed as an individual project under the “Illustration” category.

First one is “Can you see me?”, an illustrated book focusing on the feelings and emotion while in love.

The second project, “Kan Du Se Mig?”, focused on the hallucinated, dreamy state of being in Love.

The Third project, “The Fox Story”, a short illustrated story focused on the dark side of love.

The forth project, “The Illustrations”, was a collection of illustrations produced under the theme.

The fifth one, the major piece “I can see you without seeing you”. Is a sum up of my personal realisation, and a piece represents my identity and my love. A special gift for a special person.

Another illustration under the same theme, “You are not listening”.

星期一 . 天氣晴 . 我離開你

Leaving you on a sunny monday.

Inspired by “星期一天氣晴我離開你” Stefanie Sun


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  1. BobbinTalk says:

    LOVE the concept!
    Amazing work… or should I say: Hej, greta verk!

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